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  • Are you not too stressed by the release of "BUTTERFLY", the new album from L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel?

HYDE: Because the album is made mostly of singles already released, I did not feel too bad given me. So, I'm not really stressed out (laughs). I fear just like every release, but I do not fear public reaction. This album has a real maturity and it is very "L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel", so I'm sure the fans will love.


  • The composition and writing of this album have been influenced by the tragic events of March 2011?

H. : Actually, because of events, the group and I have been much less active than usual. Result, I had more time to perfect every detail, every arrangement. For our anniversary, we wanted to do an album very gay and festive. The events made us change direction. A song disc, "Wild Flower", is dedicated to this feeling: the melody is sad and his words deeper than we usually do.

  • Why did the album titled "BUTTERFLY"?

H. : The butterfly from the chrysalis changes to its flight.
This is the case of L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel, after twenty years, I think we are finally ours ... (laughs).

  • What is your favorite song of the disc?

H. : I would say the last, "Mirai Sekai". This title makes me want to cry. I am very proud of its composition.
It lacked the depth that perhaps some of our titles in recent years ...
Its message is very strong and I advise everyone to listen carefully.

  • How do you evolve L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel continuously while maintaining a true musical identity?

H. : A rainbow is made of a multitude of colors that change constantly. I believe this name helps us to constantly renew. Without losing our unity.

An exclusive club ...

  • Twenty years is the age of majority Japanese. Will, for his twenty-years the group has reached maturity?

H. : Not only are we grown up and mature group, but besides that, we went into the closed circle of groups that last.
It is from here that everything is: this is after twenty years of career that we finally have so many fans abroad.

  • After twenty years to share your artistic life with the same people, are not you tired?

H. : I can not deny that there were "periods" in the group, more or less good agreement.
And I must say that at the moment you cross a comparatively halcyon days:
we achieved our best alchemy. I am particularly pleased that our international career is growing now that we are at the top of our art. Honestly, I think the best and we expect that the harder we tired or what once was behind us.
The agreement between us is perfect!

  • Twenty-year career, is what it is getting old?

H. : This is what I think very often (laughs) I'm old! But I console myself by saying that it is through all these years that we are here today as a group, and we get along so well.

Keep smiling

  • What is your secret to longevity as a group?

H. : The secret? Do it all without ever taking the lead. If we gives too much trouble, even the smallest problem can cause conflicts, opinions differ and there are disputes... We must be tolerant, not to take the lead, be happy and go on little problems ... Do not be deterred by small obstacles and keep smiling!

  • How do you explain the success of the group's international?

H. : I can not explain it really ... Perhaps the fact that we are there for so long? In reality it is a question I'd like to ask you (laughs)!

  • Where does this relationship so special that you maintain for years with France, reflected the group's name or some song titles?

H. : Despite the fascination that we have always had for your country, you must know that we came for the first time just four years ago.
It was strange because it came with the printer to return to (laughs)! We could have come before, it was enough to want ...
But we remained in France for a special occasion. And if this tour, it was obviously a necessary step.
I am in the promo and I feel I have fun preparing the ground ... I can not wait (laughs)!


  • What do you expect the French public?

H. : When we came last time, fans were boiling, it was an incredible experience. All group members were thrilled, and it is a pleasure to happen again in the same room. And this time, in the context of this tour, we're going into overdrive for the staging and spectacle. I hope the reaction will be positive.

  • The only other group air have occurred at the Zenith in Paris to his first time in France was X JAPAN. What does that say to you?

H. : What we were first anyway (laughs)! X JAPAN are mentors for the Japanese rock scene, I am proud to play in the same room as a large group.


  • You have just published an autobiography.Where did you get this need to tell you?

H. : So far, I started barriers, and I was hiding behind. With my book, I wanted to get rid of all my secrets and press the "reset".
Get my life zero, without me or limitations.

  • You are a singer and have officiated as a model and actor.What other experience is lacking in your life?

H. : I love making things, paint pictures, make pottery ... And I have a passion for cooking the soba (noodles Japanese, Editor's note) (laughs). I could convert to Japanese noodles!

  • What do you think of the Japanese music scene? It there any groups or artists that you particularly admire?

H. : indeed, I love Japanese music when it does not sound like Japanese music ...
I particularly admire my partner in VAMPS and his band OBLIVION DUST. And to be honest, I do not listen to much music, if not ours.

Without hesitation, France

  • Do you realize that you have an iconic status in the Japanese rock around the world?

H. :There are still some time, I did not dare to highlight the rest of the group.
Then I realized that we lacked a certain energy, and I decided to stop holding me and become a leader. This is perhaps why I won it iconic status ... Now I will do my best to become a charismatic leader.

  • What is your best memory on stage?

H. : I would say in 1999, a chorus of five thousand people outdoors in Japan ... This human tidal really impressed me. Otherwise, in terms of energy released by the fans, I would say France without hesitation!

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